Stinking Godliness

16 May

Anybody else see THE HIDDEN HAND/STINKING LIZAVETA tour that just blew through Europe? Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan. It was so, so great. Talk about mindblowing – I still haven’t been able to leave this one behind.

I haven’t seen anything like THE STINKIES‘ hippie metal jazz prog nightmare trip since . . . shit, since I swa – er, saw – THE SYLVIA JUNCOSA BAND rip it up at the Anti-Club as a teen. Hell, I almost thought I was witnessing a reformed GONE, impersonating SAINT VITUS, performing nuthin’ but minor-chord ZAPPA instumentals! And once again: flying fingers on a sweaty fretboard are a source of great and wonderous beauty!


If you are unlucky enough to have missed out, I direct you to the following YouTube clip of STINKING LIZAVETA live in 2003 joined at the hip by a guest singer and a group of belly dancers who feel so RIGHT in the mix, you wonder why they haven’t conjoined permanently.

And THE HIDDEN HAND? Well any description of a band this primal can only start at ZERO and proceed SLOWLY BACKWARDS, so I ain’t gonna even try. Wino’s Charlie Manson stares did bore holes right through me . . . meeting his eyes got so intense, I found I just had to LOOK THE FUCK AWAY to save what was left of my everlovin’ sanity. At which point, of course: the crushing rhythms/chords BURIED ME ALIVE. But ooh what a way to die!


Thanks to z0rmulaut (video) and pirlouiiiit and croki (photos)


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