Feeble Year’s End

22 Dec

Yes we all just barely squeaked through another year, yet again narrowly avoiding the complete and utter obliteration of all meaningful, rockin’ culture as we know & love it, by millionaire vampires like PETE DOHERTY and his corporate backers. It’s only gonna get tougher, this scraping-by thing . . . but: well-earned congrats to all you still out there standing. And while I don’t usually do this sorta thing . . . today, I’m feeling generous. You reader guys/gals are so cool and hey, since the US economy’s so shitty and nobody’s getting any real Xmas $$ bonus this year, you deserve something substantial. To celebrate, I give you the


FEEBLE EFFORTS 7″ comp. EP (NAR-008, New Alliance Records, 1982)

Side A
Side B

This was the thematic precursor to the Mighty Feeble LP on New Alliance from 1983, which to this day you can still buy off stiff-necked German collectors on Ebay. The idea went something like: collect a bunch of homemade cassette recordings from your friends in the L.A. harbor environs, stuff em all on to one 14 min., 33 1/3 rpm 7-inch record, and sit back and watch as all those little hardcore minds melt to mush.

Don’t miss: Jack Brewer impersonating Leonard Cohen (58 sec. into side A)! Or, D. Boon singing in time to a factory lathe (4 min. 57 sec., side A)! Also dig Tony Platon offering up yet another interpretation of the bitchen SoBay gtr freakout – nearly as wigged any Ginn/Baiza (3 min. 26 sec., Side B). And what of Gary Jacobelly’s phased, acid-folk dream stumble . . . yeah I knew it was possible to extract mescaline from San Pedro Cactus, but I didn’t realize some folks were mic’ing the goddamn technique (1 min. 25 sec., Side B)!

As wild & wooly as as any turn-of-the-decade London D.I.Y. 7″ comp. you might pretend to own – hell, this is truly MeSSThetics. Gotta love the contrary chutzpah of that early, extended MINUTEMEN tribe – especially resident New Alliance freak Greg Hurley, whose artwork adorns the sleeve.


Happy holidays!


4 Responses to “Feeble Year’s End”

  1. Phill December 28, 2007 at 9:01 am #

    Do you have Mighty Feeble? I could make you a copy if you want. I used to hang out at Dirk Vandenburg’s guitar shop when I was in high school, and one day I noticed two or three boxes in the corner, Upon inspection, they turned out to be full of Mighty Feeble, straight from the factory. (this was in ’92 or ’93). He said “D’ya want one?”. I said, “Duh.” It sure is a weird slab.

  2. mrowster December 28, 2007 at 5:42 pm #

    Thanks – I’ve got that LP too. Procured from the above mentioned stiff-necked German collector-types. Weird is an understatement.

    Where was Dirk’s gtr shop? For whatever reason, gtr shops generally don’t figure large on my radar. No doubt I’ve missed out on a heck of a lot of bitchen local axe-wailing because of it.

  3. Phill December 28, 2007 at 9:10 pm #

    It was on 6th St. about three doors up from Mesa on the north side. (in Pedro, natch.) It was called Guitar Safari.

  4. J-Wren April 18, 2008 at 3:08 am #

    Guitar Safari has been resurrected and will reopen May 1, 2008. Same location, one door down. Stop by and say hi to Dirk…

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