A New Day Is Breakin’

19 Dec

Patrick Farley, the Portland OR based artist who created the beautiful cover art for Allyson Shaw’s novel The Desperate Ones, has concocted one hell of a new online comic called “Don’t Look Back“. It’s a great big nasty sci fi rock n roll ball that takes it’s cues from the important things in life: blacklite paintings, RUSH/YES lyrics, Sun Ra, BOSTON’s iconic logo. The exclamatory, Jack Chick meets Wolfman Jack dialogue had me in stitches from the first panel. But it’s his creative decision to use 3D modeling (or whatever the heck you call that looks-like-a-video-game cartoon style) that really subverts things, bumping this up to a weird level of visual disorientation. And oh my: if only I could ride out my daze lit up like a Xmas tree aboard one of these intergalactic gtrships, I’d die a happy man.


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