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I’ve Found the Awful Truth, Balthazar

1 Dec


A Personal BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Top 10

1. Hardest rockin’ B.Ö.C. riff:
That one’s easy – “Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll”. The sound of urban renewal in reverse, as interpreted by 5 stubbly fingertips on a Gibson SG through a stack of 50 Marshall amps. Which one of you wusses is gonna try and argue “Godzilla”?

2. Best B.Ö.C. album-side run:
My conscious mind says side one (“The Black”) of Tyranny and Mutation. Something we call ALL agree on. But my unconscious? My psychotherapist tells me all signs point to side two (“The Red”). Good golly!

3. Best 70’s Los Angeles area B.Ö.C.-influenced band:
THE IMPERIAL DOGS, who penned the original version of “This Ain’t the Summer of Love”. They were also one of the few B.Ö.C.-imitators to get that leather/fur/rock quotient just right.

4. Best 80’s Los Angeles area B.Ö.C.-influenced band:
A tie between THE JESTERS OF DESTINY (best Eric Bloom-esque hyperenunciation of weirdass lyrical content) and THE DROOGS ca. Kingdom Day (best hooded, chunk-style Dharma biker riffage).

5. Best B.Ö.C. cover version:
Brant Bjork milkin’ “Take Me Away” from the vinyl edition of Jalamanta. Man this song sucked hard when it original came out on B.Ö.C.’s Revolution By Night in ’83. And boy, Brant sounds righteous re-imagin’ it in the harsh light of ’99.

6. Best B.Ö.C. rarity:
Forget about the Live Bootleg EP from ’72, or the King Biscuit Flower sessions, or whatever. What you’re after is the quadraphonic pressing of Tyranny & Mutation – with alternate mix! Oh it’s hot hot hot, fr sure, and contains a whole barrel full of background vocal/gtr bits buried on the regular stereo edition. The only copy I’ve ever seen is now in the sweaty little palms of Thurston “I’m a musician, dammit, not a collector” Moore.

7. Biggest B.Ö.C. lie:
That B.Ö.C. went belly-up with the release of Agents of Fortune. Hogwash! These Long Islanders continued to be compelling at least until, I dunno, Extraterrestrial Live from ’82 or some shit – which was after drummer Albert Bouchard flew the coop! And I’m only ball-parking it here; lyrics remain worth exploring up until present day.

8. Best B.Ö.C. lyric:
Yeah that would be

I’m the eyeman of TV
With my ocular TB
I need all the peepers I can find
Inside the barn where you find the hay

(“Harvester of Eyes” from Secret Treaties, 1974)

9. Best B.Ö.C. outtake, now readily available on an expanded/remastered CD:
Buck’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” home demo takes the frickin’ cake, man. But all the extra cuts on Agents of Fortune are as suave/seedy as anything else on that filthy, damned platter.

10. Best B.Ö.C. song:
“Career of Evil”. No contest here.

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