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Peyote Shadows

16 Aug

COLD SUNDark Shadows (1970, as reissued by World In Sound, 2008) – Fucking hell, man – has a more potent slab of synapse-stretching, darksoul-wrenching TX psych ever been waxed? This is one sub-13TH FLOOR ELEVATOR group who could’ve actually given Roky & co. a run for their mind-melting money. And they go one further by replacing the amplified jug with an electric autoharp! I haven’t consciously listened to autoharp since Sunday school sing-a-longs in the late 70’s . . . but Bill Miller’s playing of it is so disarmingly simple and emotionally effective, ya find yourself wishing others – THE DOORS? THE VELVET UNDERGROUND? – had thought to throw an a-harp in their mix too. Bill’s earnest vocals are ones of a true peyote believer; clearly, he’d experienced moments whilst tripping that he couldn’t not try to interpret into sound/words. The band follows along diligently through the winding tunes in an occasionally halting but admirably determined fashion, matching Bill’s freakdom with the dedication of dudes who totally believed in their leader’s oddball vision. That these fellas would eventually reemerge with Roky Erickson as BLIEB ALIEN in ’74 makes all the sense in the world (read about that and alot more besides here). Though ultimately it’s irrelevant, since COLD SUN were capable of creating and recording sacred music all by themselves, a full two years before Roky was released from Rusk State Hospital. It’s that accomplishment that’s blowing me away right now.

Gotta love Texas Trip Lords, man – some of the ballsiest Trip Lords this world has ever produced. This CD is making me wanna drop acid again, and right NOW. Anybody got a couple of good-quality microdots to spare? Make damn sure to slip inside this house as you pass by – you won’t regret it.

COLD SUN – “South Texas