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Godsend ESL

3 Jun

My favorite Eurock garage band? That’s easy: THE CREEPING CANDIES.

The CANDIES were brooding Bavarian longhairs who made two bold, narcotically-rockin’ LPs in the second half of the 80’s (Flesh and The Stories Of…) before falling off the map, presumably to pursue muses of a chemical nature. And then: presto! They rematerialized, blinking in the harsh light of the new millenium with the wonderful Upside the Town CD. In 2005 they recorded – but apparently shelved – a 4th album called Sugarlumps. I’d give my big toe to hear this one in full, but must make due with the clips found on their MySpace site. All were produced lovingly by Nikki Sudden (RIP), who always maintained these guys were his favorite German band ever.

But that’s just what can be verified. Their attractive sound is what I imagine the dunderhead cousins of Denmark’s SORT SOL might’ve cooked up, if they’d had none of the suave literary aspirations (the poetry’s in the gtr downstoke, mate!). Or maybe, what EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN’s kid brothers woulda mustered, if they’d worshiped THE SEEDS’ Sky Saxon and pretty girls rather than swooning over Dada and Toltec cave drawings. The riffs these guys employ – equal parts ROLLING STONES and THE FALL – are simple but consistently compelling, while their pidgin English lyrics only serve to heighten the mystery to it all. Do consider the following verse from “Garbage Garage”:

a trashy building people hate we know/ but the thing inside it grows and grows/ monster laboratory cost not anything/ your scientist think how it is to be king

Like Roky Erikson’s best nonsequitors, these words mean absolutely nothing to fools, and damn near everything to those willing to listen a little crooked. Yep it’s in this type of Teutonic laboratory where all the best rock & roll is cooked up.

I sure hope these guys climb outta the junkyard long enough to play London before they croak.

THE CREEPING CANDIES – “Garbage Garage” (from Upside the Town, Bader Records, 2001)