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Fang Fever

23 Oct

Yup. It’s almost that time of year again . . . freaking HALLOWEEN time!!! Spooky spooky spooky! And to kickstart all those little WARM, TRICKLING BLOODSTREAMS out there, I’m gonna give y’all a quick earfull of



(OK, OK – so these are also the ONLY 1970’s VAMPIRE-DISCO SONGS I am currently aware of. Please, feel free to point me in the direction of others.)

First up on the chopping block, I give you . . .

1. Hot Blood: “Soul Dracula” (Dynamo Records, US, 1977)
The grandmama of them all. This song’s so funky/scary, you might end up dancing yourself into A FETAL POSITION – or maybe, high-tailing it from the room, screaming BLOODY MURDER. It’s actually only one of 7 songs on what may be the only true 1970’s HORROR DISCO FULL-LENGTH LP (other gruesome titles include “Baby Frankie Stein”, “Dracula Goes Dreamy”, and “Terror on the Dance Floor”). If this doesn’t get your Mummy doing the dirty boogie with Wolfie, I don’t know what will.

Next up in this chamber of horrors is . . .

2. The Vamps: “Disco Blood” (Building Records, Brazil, 1977)
This one is actually more unhinged than “Soul Dracula”, which says a helluva lot. Although there’s also something here that vibes me out a bit – in a distinctly un-Halloweeny sort of way. Like, maybe these VAMP guys might try to pants me if I bumped up next to ’em on the dance floor. But no matter: it’s still a solid winner at Halloween time. And the picture sleeve (of a GAPING, BLOODY VAMPIRE MOUTH) has me seeing red whenever I stare at a 12″ 45 for too long. Ugggghhh.

Finally, I give you the dearly departed . . .

3. Voltaire with Gary Bribosia: “Dracula Disco” (Polydor, Canada, 1977)
The mellowest entry here, but as we all know vampires often strike WHEN WE LEAST EXPECT IT, so beware. Of course, who could think of sleeping with mad Catskill-comedian VOLTAIRE on the loose? Actually, I kinda think he sorta ruins the prerequisite errie, Halloween mood here. Thankfully, this tune was also released VOLTAIRE-less, and credited to GARY BRIBOSIA alone. THAT version is calculated to lull you into a deep, dark, dreamless sleep . . .