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Loud 3D

3 Jun

Hey: anybody out there ever seen this?

Loud 3D

It’s a slim, softcover volume put together in Dec. ’84 by Gary Robert, Rob Kulakosky, and Mike Arredondo (with help from the Maximum Rock N Roll crew) up in the Bay Area. And it’s filled with nothing but – get this: 3-D IMAGES of all your favorite hardcore bands!

3D glasses

Now I must’ve ordered it out of the pages of MRR sometime in ’85/’86. Cause I thought I was a punker. True HxCx, you know? Little did I know I’d eventually end up being one of them TIRED-ASS NEW-RO POSEUR HIPPIE GLAMFAG METALHEADS everybody moaned about back then.


The book ain’t particularly relevatory, but you’re not likely to see a copy of it anytime soon. It’s got a few bands in it I listened to at the time – BLACK FLAG, DK’s, FEAR, MINOR THREAT, 7 SECONDS – and alot I didn’t (THE LEWD, CAUSE FOR ALARM, STRANGLEHOLD, and somebody named RIISTYTET, who were apparently Finnish). But it did suceed in making my buddy Bob laugh hard the other night (“shit, this guy’s middle finger is practically UP MY NOSE!”) as we talked about how bad that American Hardcore documentary turned out to be. Yep: I’m glad I kept it.

Olga DeVolga

I was always a Flipside reader myself. But you know: I tried really hard to get on board that Max R’N’R activist train in the mid-80’s, I really did. I bought an Augusto Sandino t-shirt that I wore to death. I listened hard to the SUBHUMANS record with that song about killing Mickey Mouse on it. I even went vegetarian! But in the end, I’d always be lured back to loud, rockin’ things with questionable/perverse lyrical content. Ah, well.

Ian MacKaye

Those MRR guys were probably well-intentioned. I went to college with a dude (called himself Jux) who eventually joined their team/army, and I can vouch for him, he was a great one. But the mag was kinda dry, the lack of color kinda draining, and not a joke in sight . . . it did seem they were asking just A BIT MUCH of their readership. And Flipside, well – they didn’t ask a goddamn thing of me, other than my dollar. And maybe, that I bring a sense of wild fun to the preceedings – which most people don’t NEVER ask of me to do. I still appreciate that warm invitation, 2+ decades on.