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2 Apr


March/April 2009 issue of Less Lee & Megashaun’s Popshifter webzine is now live, wherein love’s given up for Lux Interior (RIP), Berlin’s beautiful Gudrun Gut, as well as smells of every size shape n color.

But whatever you do, don’t click away until you read my bit about EMERSON LAKE & PALMER here – there’s a nickel says it’ll help all you aging prog apologists save some well-earned cash at at your local chain record store as we dip further into inevitable worldwide depression.


The Golden Ticket

31 Jul

New issue of Less Lee Moore and Megashaun’s Popshifter fanzine is up and standing tall. This particular ish includes my contribution to the multifarious

Sparks Spectacular: 21 Miracles of the Modern Age, a gaggle of reviews covering the recent string of SPARKS concerts here in London. Said gigs saw the Mael bros. deftly recreating every goddamn one of their uniquely beautiful LPs, one album at a time. Me, I could only afford to see one of these shows, but oh! What a Big Beat it turned out to be.

Thanks to The Untrained Eye for the great pic of Russell

Pig State Recall

14 Feb

Headin’ back to the USSA for a well-earned holiday starting tomorrow, and so I don’t expect to find much time to tend garden here over the next couple weeks. To keep you guys entertained in the meantime, I’ll direct you toward a gushing fanboy piece I wrote about the once mighty URGE OVERKILL, recently published over at Popshifter mag. Never will I tire of UO’s glorious, dada-glam rock shenanigans, or of their very soulful, righteous tuneage.


Do wish me the best in confronting the inevitably grim, suburban nightmare family scenarios waiting for me in SoCal and Houston, TX – I’m gonna need all the luck I can get!